28 February 2014

Rijkswachters from Amsterdam

A good friend of mine just sent me a picture of her newest addition. And it was love at first sight!

Have you ever heard of The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam? If yes, than you probably know it had been closed for god knows how many years due to refurbishment. Well, they have finally reopened their doors. What I never thought about is what they actually did with all these pieces of art during the closure. Apparently most of them have been in storage in big wooden crates. Now the crates are obsolete, the Rijksmuseum came up with this brilliant idea to repurpose the crates and offer a killer (and very cute) souvenir: they made a wooden army. And you can have your very own art soldier. They call them 'Rijkswachters' which means something along the line of 'state guard' and I personally think they look like robots (and I like robots!).

Now here's the best part: every wooden soldier has got a number. And with this number you can look up which work of art has been stored in it. How amazing is that? So apart from a really cool wooden robot made from repurposed materials it also comes with a really good story. Yours might actually have provided a home for a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt! I definitely need to have one too...

They come in different sizes with and without lamps. Have a look right here (you can buy them here too)

17 February 2014

Bomb explosion meeting deadlines

Oh geez, for the past few weeks we've been completely submerged in developing and making a new product. Something extremely cool and pretty for Mother's day. Since the deadline for the magazines is coming up rapidly it had to be finished now, not tomorrow, not next week... no NOW! And as a result there was only one thing and one thing only on my mind...Go Go Go! No room for anything else just finish it off!

So now the press announcements are sent, I'm looking around me in my studio and it looks like a big bomb explosion. Oh dear, how did that happen? So first up is tidying, second thing is crash on the sofa with a cup of coffee and just relax for a bit... and then? Who knows, probably make the next new thing ;-)

Curious to what we actually have been making? Just a bit more patience please... as soon as they are for sale in our Etsy and Dawanda shops, you'll be the first to know right here. But a little sneakpeek can't hurt so here we go:

09 February 2014

We're on Dawanda

Did you know we've opened a Dawanda shop a little while ago? Don't worry we've still got our Etsy shop but since this is orginally an american site (and therefore lots of american customers) we thought it was a good idea to focus a bit more on Europe. And guess what... Dawanda is the perfect place. Really similar to Etsy but all European hand made goodies.

So you've got a choice now: Etsy or Dawanda. Whichever you like best...

03 February 2014

Valentine DIY projects

Oh yes, Valentine's Day is coming up! I love valentine's cards, any opportunity to send a card is good! But... it's also fun, great and have that extra special thing do to something handmade for your (secret) love. A short list of some great Valentine's DIY's:


Have fun!