01 December 2014

Christmas is coming! 10% extra off

Our new christmas collection is online!

To make your gifts look gorgeous under the christmas tree: lovely, hand screenprinted giftwrap on doublesided kraft paper. Black on one side, brown on the other. Printed on one side with white waterbased inks.

And some great new Christmas cards: big A5 single cards printed on heavy recycled greyboard and comes with a silver or blue coloured envelope.

And our other christmas cards:

All for sale right now in our Dawanda shop! And to top it off you get an extra 10% off by orders over €15,- with code MerryChristmas14

28 October 2014

Boo! Great new cards

A lovely set of new cards have entered our shop. Handlettered then digitally edited and printed on gorgeous Tintoretto Gesso textured cardstock. All now available at our Dawanda shop.

12 September 2014

Break time

We're going on a short break to wind down and recharge. See you after the 22nd!

20 August 2014

Jack Fudge

Yep, we've been very busy lately. Even though it might not look it since this blog has been quiet.We (me and my guy) have started a new busy venture. Or actually it's mainly him, I've just been very busy designing the concept, branding and overall feel. This new business is called Jack Fudge and we sell 25+ flavours of gorgeous, creamy, English fudge on markets and festivals.

It's been so much fun designing the look and feel of the stall and everything that comes with it. The paper bags are all hand screenprinted by us. A bit of a (regular returning) job but well worth it. And even so I say myself: it all looks great! It really stands out from the rest and I'm well happy with that.

30 June 2014

Notebooks on sale!

We've been working on improving how we make our handmade notebooks. Before it wasn't really time efficient and even though we like the handmade look of a few rougher edges here and there (it makes them unique!) it needed some polishing up. For starters, so many of you have asked for it, and here it is: all the books have lined pages! More about the new and improved books soon.

We do have a few notebooks with blank pages in stock and what would be more fun than offer them to you for a discount price!

So here we go, all 100% handmade notebooks on the pic below are available for only 6,50 each! (Normal price 9,50) Buy them in our Dawanda or our Etsy shop

Be quick, only as long as stock lasts!

10 June 2014

Pure products at Pure Markt

The Pure Markt in Amsterdam has been and gone. Last sunday was a great day! As we said earlier on it was our first time here so you never know what to expect. The location of the market is absolutely wonderful. In a gorgeous park, set under the mature trees, a long row of colourful stalls with the most amazing food and products you can think of. The Pure Markt is mainly food and only a few non-food stalls.

The day started not so good. It just keep on raining and raining all during setup. But around midday it stopped, the sun came out and the people were slowly making their way in. And such an interesting and fun mix of people. From extremely young (few days old!) to really quite old (nineties!) and everything in between. Lots of foreign people too, we heard Spanish, French, English and some sort of Scandinavian. Love it!

We did have quite a dark spot, it stayed chilly all day while it was baking hot in the sun. No need to complain though, the people were in great spirits and so were we.

PS: nice thing about a market like this is that we were sorted for dinner too. We took home some lovely, gorgeous sourdough bread and spitroasted cornchicken. Whipped up a salad at home and tadaa, all done for dinner. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

That's our market tour done for now. We're having a break over the summer months and will be back on September the 14th on the Pure Markt.

06 June 2014

Pure Markt in Amsterdam

This sunday you can find us on the Pure Markt in Amsterdam (Amstelpark). The weather looks really really promising so it's a perfect day to come and relax in the park, enjoy great food and do a bit of shopping in between. It sounds perfect and it will be.

So come and say hello at our stall. It will be our first time at the Pure Markt and we've got a great offer for you: all our handmade notebooks will be only 5 euros (original price 9,50!). And, since they're perfect for summer weather, we will bring our temporary tattoos too! Our tattoos are only live available and can't be found in our webshop so pop by and say hello!

Have a lovely weekend and we hope to see you on Sunday!

12 May 2014

Mother's day buzz

What a buzz it was leading up to Mother's Day!

Our Mother's day boxes have been picked by a few magazines and blogs: printed in Flair magazine and mentioned on 101 Woonidee├źn and MamaMarketing. Everyone loved our stop motion movie and they went like hot cakes on our last market!

We've wrapped lots and lots of these lovely boxes for lots of lovely mums (we love wrapping them up like little gems). And we really hope that all them mums loved the boxes too! 

Happy belated Mother's day!

26 April 2014

Heedopter on tour!

Don't you love spring time? We do! Nothing beats the first warm rays of sun, the first flowers blossoming and rising temperatures. Spring time also means that the market season officially opens. Yay!

A few weeks ago we've already done our first market. And here's where we will be in the next month and a half. Come and say hello if you're in the area!

24 April 2014

Mother's Day surprise! A stop motion movie

Finally we proudly present the secret project we've been working: a really cool stop motion movie featuring our lovely Mother's Day giftboxes!

It turned out to be a colourful, happy and blossoming movie featuring our amazing Mother's Day foldout poster. Fold it out, be overwhelmed and see the seeds grow and blossom.

This gorgeous poster in a pretty gift box with flowerseeds is for sale right here in our Dawanda shop.

My amazingly talented boyfriend made the music all by himself and finetuned it to the video.We had great fun making this video (first stop motion ever!) and hope you enjoy it. Share it everywhere if you like. We're more than proud to show it!

You can find this movie on You Tube here.

And they're finally available in English too!

21 April 2014

Secret project

Mother's day is coming up rapidly and we've got some very special giftboxes for sale! Just to do something extra special we're working on a special secret project... It's almost finished and it will be amazing! Only a few more days to wait... all will be revealed this week.

Pssttt: don't tell anyone but just as a little teaser... it's got music! Oh oh, what will it be!?!

10 April 2014

Oh lala... Sunday market

Yes, we did it! Sunday Market in Amsterdam on the 6th of april was our very first real market. It's been and gone and it was a buzz! I admit, I was a bit nervous, you know, healthy butterflies but I was also very excited. Selling offline is so completely different to selling online but so much fun! Meeting your customers in real and overhearing them talking about your products is invaluable.

Not being used to setting up and decorating a stall with our products it was a little bit of a challenge to fill up a 4 meter wide stall. Some mixing and matching, moving around, piling up, taking down and in the end we were quite happy with how it all looked. Next time we will make some changes (like weighing down the boxes since they kept on blowing over) but hey, one step at a time.

Our most popular product turned out to be our Mother's day boxes. And I'm really excited about that! So great to see everyone's reaction when they were unfolding them, it really does have a wow-factor! Don't worry, you can buy them online right here in our Dawanda shop. Psstt, prefer an english version? We got them too, just contact us.

We were running our stall as a Dawanda ambassador meaning we were promoting them with banners, leaflets and merchandise.

We will be there next time too: 4th of May. Come and say hello!

25 March 2014

Win win win!

Long awaited for and finally here: iDeal as a payment method in our Dawanda shop!

Brand new since today so.... We thought it would be a good idea to celebrate! Be the very first one to make a purchase and pay with iDeal and you win a surprise goodie pack worth €40,-

Not the first one? No worries, everyone who pays with iDeal today in our shop wins a €15,- goodie pack. Party time!

You can simply pay with iDeal by selecting it as a payment method during checkout.

Ps: Dawanda is running iDeal as a trial in a few selected shops. In due time it will be available for all shops.

28 February 2014

Rijkswachters from Amsterdam

A good friend of mine just sent me a picture of her newest addition. And it was love at first sight!

Have you ever heard of The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam? If yes, than you probably know it had been closed for god knows how many years due to refurbishment. Well, they have finally reopened their doors. What I never thought about is what they actually did with all these pieces of art during the closure. Apparently most of them have been in storage in big wooden crates. Now the crates are obsolete, the Rijksmuseum came up with this brilliant idea to repurpose the crates and offer a killer (and very cute) souvenir: they made a wooden army. And you can have your very own art soldier. They call them 'Rijkswachters' which means something along the line of 'state guard' and I personally think they look like robots (and I like robots!).

Now here's the best part: every wooden soldier has got a number. And with this number you can look up which work of art has been stored in it. How amazing is that? So apart from a really cool wooden robot made from repurposed materials it also comes with a really good story. Yours might actually have provided a home for a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt! I definitely need to have one too...

They come in different sizes with and without lamps. Have a look right here (you can buy them here too)

17 February 2014

Bomb explosion meeting deadlines

Oh geez, for the past few weeks we've been completely submerged in developing and making a new product. Something extremely cool and pretty for Mother's day. Since the deadline for the magazines is coming up rapidly it had to be finished now, not tomorrow, not next week... no NOW! And as a result there was only one thing and one thing only on my mind...Go Go Go! No room for anything else just finish it off!

So now the press announcements are sent, I'm looking around me in my studio and it looks like a big bomb explosion. Oh dear, how did that happen? So first up is tidying, second thing is crash on the sofa with a cup of coffee and just relax for a bit... and then? Who knows, probably make the next new thing ;-)

Curious to what we actually have been making? Just a bit more patience please... as soon as they are for sale in our Etsy and Dawanda shops, you'll be the first to know right here. But a little sneakpeek can't hurt so here we go:

09 February 2014

We're on Dawanda

Did you know we've opened a Dawanda shop a little while ago? Don't worry we've still got our Etsy shop but since this is orginally an american site (and therefore lots of american customers) we thought it was a good idea to focus a bit more on Europe. And guess what... Dawanda is the perfect place. Really similar to Etsy but all European hand made goodies.

So you've got a choice now: Etsy or Dawanda. Whichever you like best...

03 February 2014

Valentine DIY projects

Oh yes, Valentine's Day is coming up! I love valentine's cards, any opportunity to send a card is good! But... it's also fun, great and have that extra special thing do to something handmade for your (secret) love. A short list of some great Valentine's DIY's:


Have fun!

20 January 2014

Blue monday free art print

Blue Monday? Yes, that's today... the most depressing day of the entire year! Sounds awful, doesn't it? Here in The Netherlands it's cold, rainy and dark today. Not helping at all with the blue mood. But... I've got something to cheer you up! Something colourful, something to think about and something to change the rain into something positive!

Only for today: a free art print to download so you can print it out yourself at home. Make sure you use special inkjet paper or photopaper for a better quality.

Click here to download the pdf file -> Sorry, was only for Blue Monday! But the art print can be purchased here.

Happy Blue Monday!

13 January 2014

New! Gutsy Valentine's cards

Oh yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Personally I'm not that big of a fan of the sugary sweet ultra-pink oochie-coochie Valentine's cards. I can imagine the average man likes them even less. So, here is our gutsy take on the cards! No pink, just a little bit of red but still with the love message you'd like to get across.

Printed on thick A5 recycled greyboard giving them an almost industrial look. It comes with a brown kraft envelop and is available in 3 designs right here in our Etsy shop.


06 January 2014

We're back!

What a lovely break we've had! Hopped over to the UK for a christmas family visit and just sat back, relaxed and celebrated Christmas and New Year. And now... we're fully recharged for a new and exciting new year! So many ideas already, just need to put them into action and make them happen.

Our most import plan: stay organized and think ahead!

A little lookback to 2013: these were your all year Heedopter favourites on Etsy:

 We'll be back soon with some new awesome Heedopter goodies! Stay tuned!