10 June 2014

Pure products at Pure Markt

The Pure Markt in Amsterdam has been and gone. Last sunday was a great day! As we said earlier on it was our first time here so you never know what to expect. The location of the market is absolutely wonderful. In a gorgeous park, set under the mature trees, a long row of colourful stalls with the most amazing food and products you can think of. The Pure Markt is mainly food and only a few non-food stalls.

The day started not so good. It just keep on raining and raining all during setup. But around midday it stopped, the sun came out and the people were slowly making their way in. And such an interesting and fun mix of people. From extremely young (few days old!) to really quite old (nineties!) and everything in between. Lots of foreign people too, we heard Spanish, French, English and some sort of Scandinavian. Love it!

We did have quite a dark spot, it stayed chilly all day while it was baking hot in the sun. No need to complain though, the people were in great spirits and so were we.

PS: nice thing about a market like this is that we were sorted for dinner too. We took home some lovely, gorgeous sourdough bread and spitroasted cornchicken. Whipped up a salad at home and tadaa, all done for dinner. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

That's our market tour done for now. We're having a break over the summer months and will be back on September the 14th on the Pure Markt.

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