29 April 2013

Short break - tipi experience

We've been on a little weekendbreak and boy what have we enjoyed this... We stayed in the middle of nowhere on a forestry commision site in a tipi. Yes, you heard that right... in a tipi! With proper fireplace and all.

If you are ever looking for a quick getaway to unwind.. look no further, this is it! As soon as you step through the door and get the fire going, everything else just stops existing. Just you, your company, the fire and the birds outside. The other world, the one where you've got loads to do and worry about, it just doesn't exist anymore. The gorgeous tipi we stayed in was rented from Woha-Li tipi's

24 April 2013

Queensday is coming! Free printable

Next week our famous orange Queensday takes place... tuesday the 30th of April. And it's a special one this year and our very very last one too! On Queensday our Queen Beatrix will be saying goodbye and our new King Willem will say hello. From then on we will celebrate Kingsday on the 28th of April.

So, just because it always is and always will be a special day, here's an extra festive free printable for you. A cute red, white, blue and orange printable DIY bunting that you can download right here. Print it as often as you like and share with as many people as you want... Queensday is about celebrating together!

Have fun everyone!

22 April 2013

Fellowship of the travelling vintage items... continued

Things can move in strange ways. Last week I told you about the Fellowship of the travelling vintage items from Oh Marie Magazine and how the pawns that were on their way to me got lost somewhere in limbo. Instead I received a lovely cross stitched bird from Mouseblossom. At the same time I sent Marij from My Attic an email since she was looking for a new home for her vintage item. And guess what... that flew into my postbox too. So now there's two! One moment you've got none... and the next you've got two! It just makes me laugh.

They're comfortably perched on my windowsill at the moment. And I will enjoy them for a little while. After all it took a while to become a member of the Fellowship. When they are ready to fly out again I'll make some nice pictures and find new homes for them... to be continued....

19 April 2013

Work in progress - Notebooks

I've been busy with one and a million things at the same time. Which means there's a lot coming in the near future but it does take longer than I hoped...

I'm working on some notebooks, completely handmade. And it's proven to be a bit of a challenge. You should try yourself to punch holes through stacks and stacks of paper! But I want it perfect and I am wondering if I should just get to the printshop and let them punch the holes. It's probably done in a few minutes while I'm sweating on it for hours... but is it still completely handmade? I suppose you could consider the paperdrill as just a tool... operated by hand. So it's handmade then, right?

Anyway here's a sneakpeek of the notebooks - work in progress...


14 April 2013

Thank you postman!

Thank you wonderful postman! The little fellowship birdie flew right into my postbox... it found a lovely spot on my windowsill, for now. And thank you, Mouseblossom, for the lovely package!

More pictures later.

12 April 2013

Oh Marie and the Fellowship of the Travelling vintage items

Have you heard about the Fellowship of the travelling vintage items? No? I'm sure you've heard about Oh Marie magazine... a free digital magazine that's all about gorgeous photography, DIY's and a touch of vintage.   And if you haven't, go check it out quickly right here. And did I mention it's bilingual? English and Dutch!

Well, during the launch of this magazine in 2012 all guests received a thrifted, vintage item.  All they had to do is to give it a temporary home, post pictures on their blog, instagram or wherever and pass it on to someone else. So several items have been travelling around ever since as the Fellowship of the Travelling vintage items. Doesn't it sound like a fairytale?

I was intrigued by it all and thought it was such a brilliant idea. I started following the items and tried to open up my doors to at least one item. I wasn't the only one and the fellowship was (and still is) immensely popular. It took me a while to get lucky and started feeling a bit pathetic even, trying to become a member of the Fellowship. Anyway, eventually one of the items, a set of wooden pawns, was on its way to me... But you'll never guess what happened next. They got lost! Unbelievable! What on earth was going on? Finally I got lucky and then they just disappear.... It's kind of romantic though. These pawns were homeless to start with, ended up in lots of different loving homes and then chose to be free again. Who knows where they are now. They're travelling the world on their own accord. And I do hope they will find a definite place to stay at one point.


But I was back at square one again. And for some reason I just couldn't let it go. But this time it didn't take to long... Mouseblossom was the guest owner of a cute cross-stitched bird and she picked me! This little birdie should be on its way to my place very soon... fingers crossed it's not planning to fly away!


10 April 2013

Off day

Ok, I'm struggling today. I had big plans to finally do a good, healthy, well researched blog post again. But here I am sitting on the sofa. Staring at my screen, completely lost with no inspiration what so ever. Blèh! Just aimlessly surfing the web, not knowing what do...

And yes, I could skip the blogpost and wait till another day when I've got inspiration to show you some good & gorgeous stuff. But hey, I can't help it: I'm just having an off  day! So you know what... I'm calling it a day, curl up in bed and read an good old-fashion book and hope for some more inspiration tomorrow...

07 April 2013

Bit busy at the moment

I'm just a tiny bit busy at the moment working on loads of new stuff. One of the first things you'll be seeing in my shop are some gorgeous handmade notebooks. Completely done by hand and all at home! And ofcourse, where possible 100% recycled paper and otherwise at least 100% sustainable.

Soon all will be revealed....