26 February 2013

You decide challenge... sneakpeek

I do love a good challenge and that's exactly what I've done to myself! Being pushed for time, trying to juggle between other work I had to do, I did manage to form an idea in my head for the old-fashioned pocketwatch. It's changing constantly but... I think the main idea is clear. It will be made from fabric, have an illustration component to it (ofcourse!) and it will actually be, partly, put together on the sewingmachine. Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to getting the machine out again. It's been so long!

So here's a little sneakpeek of the fabrics I have in mind... haven't made up my mind yet which one I'll pick... it will only be one of them. So, which one do you like?

16 February 2013

You decide challenge...

You decide... what I'm making! I thought it would be so much fun if you (yes you, my dear readers) tell me what to make. It gives me a chance to interact with you more (which I love to do) and it gives you a chance to challenge me. And... whatever I come up with, someone can win it! Sounds cool, right?

So here's how it works:

I post a few clues, things like shape and colour and properties. And in the comments below you can tell me the things you come up with. From all the posts I'll pick one winner and I'll go and make that one particular thing in a technique of my choice. Once finished, I'll post it here on my blog and to top it all off.... I'll send it by mail to the winner! Yay!

Are you up for it? The more people join in, the more fun it will be! So share, tweet and like if you can.

Image by RuggyDesign on Etsy 

So here we go... the clues are:
  • It's got round shapes (could be in combination with straight shapes)
  • It's got a cord, lead or string attached
  • It's got writing, numbers or characters on it
I love to see what you come up with! Be creative and have fun! You've got till wednesday the 20th of february to post your suggestions. And remember, the more people join in, the more fun it will be. So share this post wherever you can.

Nederlandse samenvatting:
Jij mag gaan bepalen wat ik ga maken! En wat ik maak, kan jij winnen! Ik geef een aantal steekwoorden waar het object aan moet voldoen (kleur, vorm, eigenschappen etc.). Zet in de reacties hieronder wat jij hebt bedacht aan de hand van die steekwoorden. Ik kies er één uit en ga dat maken! Als ik jouw suggestie heb gekozen, heb jij gewonnen en stuur ik het gemaakte naar je op. Stoer toch? Hoe meer mensen mee doen, hoe leuker het is. Dus tweet, share en like!

De steekwoorden:
  • Het heeft ronde vormen (event. in combinatie met rechte vormen)
  • Het heeft een snoer, touw of kabel
  • Het heeft letters, nummers of karakters
Succes! Ik ben erg benieuwd wat jullie verzinnen! Je hebt tot woensdag 20 februari de tijd om je ideeen te laten horen.

14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's day!


Am I romantic? I'm not sure... I've never really been into Valentine's Day. Well, when I was (a lot!) younger and had a crush on a cute boy... I used to get quite nervous around the 14th of february. Silly me :-) Nothing ever happened by the way. Teenage boys are really not into these girly things!

Nowadays, it's in the little, simple things in life. A coffee in bed on sunday morning or cooking a favourite meal or leaving a sweet note. Just little things that bring out a smile.

How do you spend your Valentine's day?

PS: You know what I did? I've hidden paper hearts throughout the house for my love to find. All of them put together they make a Valentine's message... See, I can't resist! But it's the little things that count. Have a lovely day!

11 February 2013

Valentine feature on 101 woonideeën blog!

Just a quick note to let you know that Heedopter was featured on the 101 woonideeën blog (a popular Dutch home decoration magazine) with one of the Valentine's cards. I'm so proud to see it sparkle there!

Check the blogpost out right here.

10 February 2013

Suprise goodies from Kim Welling

Just like (probably) most of you I love to join in to win a Give away. This time I stumbled upon a post on Kim Welling's blog where she announced here new workstudio. She posted lovely pictures of the small town it's located in and.... asked everyone what the name of the town is! By guessing it right you could win a lovely surprise pack... Since I'm from around the area it looked familiar, did a little bit of research and thought I found it... posted a comment and waited. And guess what? I was right! And I won! Yay!

So only 1 day later I found a lovely envelop full of goodies on my doormat.  So exciting to unpack it all! It was packed full of gorgeous cards, a brooch, some stamp stickers and a tiny little lady (so much more than I expected). So Kim, if you read this: Thank you so much!

Go and check out her blog at: kimwelling.blogspot.nl
Her website: kimwelling.com
or her shop: kimslittlemonsters.etsy.com

09 February 2013

Etsy lokaal: gratis verzending in regio Hoorn

Er is door een aantal Etsy verkopers zo'n leuke actie op touw gezet! Etsy wil graag de lokale gemeenschap promoten en dus zijn er nu heel wat Nederlandse Etsy verkopers die tot het einde van de maand alle bestellingen uit hun eigen regio gratis verzenden. Ik vind het een superidee en dus doet Heedopter mee met Etsy lokaal (zoals het noemen)!

Dus lieve mensen uit plaatsen in de regio van Hoorn, Noord-Holland (want daar ligt het creatieve epicentrum van Heedopter), plaats tot 1 maart je bestelling via heedopter.etsy.com en het wordt geheel gratis verzonden! Gebruik de kortingscode: REGIOHOORN

Zie het kaartje hieronder voor alle plaatsen die meedoen.


Oh ja, ook leuk om te weten, de 101 woonideeën had er ook al op hun blog over geschreven!

English summary:
Etsy is promoting the local community so dutch Etsy sellers have started 'Etsy Lokaal': free shipping in your local area. Heedopter is joining in! All orders coming from the local area around Hoorn, the Netherlands will receive free shipping! Use the code: REGIOHOORN.

04 February 2013

New Etsy items

Some brand new additions to the Heedopter Etsy shop!

They're printed on gorgeous archival paper using pigment inks. Those inks mean that they last for over 200 years without fading! The images are crisp and clear and gorgeous!