31 May 2013

Twitter give away

On Twitter we've reached 200 followers. Yay! To celebrate this I'm giving away a set of perfect imperfect geometric Heedopter postcards. All you've got to do is head over to Twitter, follow me and retweet the tweet. And who knows... you might win! It ends on sunday so don't be too long...

29 May 2013

DIY packs in the making

It's time for lots of new Heedopter goodies! I've been working really hard and I'm so excited about it all! I can finally show you some first sneakpeeks and I can reveal they will turn into DIY packs. Yay!

 I'm restyling these little houses as we speak but from listening to you, my dear readers, I've decided I will do a black and white set as above too.

 And these cute robots? You've got to wait a little bit longer to find out what they're are turning into...

26 May 2013

Markets today!

Sunday the 25th of May... the weather here in The Netherlands is not even close to being Spring but that shouldn't really stop us today since there are great markets on today all over the country.

So if you feel like going out and don't quite know where to... here's a few markets that are on right now!

Swan market XXL - Rotterdam, Museumpark - entrance is free

The Swan market XXL is all about crafts, fashion, interior, food and drinks and there's live music. It's open from 12:00 till 17:00. Lot's of dutch Etsy shops are selling their goodies there today.

Sunday Market - Amsterdam, IJburg - entrance is free

The Sunday Market is also a lifestyle market focussing on art, design, fashion and honest food and drinks. It's inspired by London markets like Camden town, Portobello and Spitalfield. It's on today from 12:00 till 18:00.

Pure Markt - Amsterdam, Park Frankendael - entrance is free

The Pure Markt (Pure market) is focused entirely on food and drinks. The ones of the honest, organic and artisan kind. Open today from 11:00 till 18:00.

19 May 2013

More Surtex inspiration...

I couldn't resist! There's so many cool flyers out there from the artists on Surtex in New York this weekend. Just a few more to show you:


All images taken from Print & Pattern blog

17 May 2013

National Stationery Show & Surtex - New York

 Over the past weeks I've been coming across announcements from lots of inspiring stationery brands and my favourite illustrators. And they have all been about the NSS, the National Stationery Show and Surtex in New York City from the 19th to 21st of May. Oh, wouldn't I love to go and visit!

The NSS is a huge show with 800 (!) exhibitors showing  their cards, paperware, customized goods, giftwraps, calendars and all sorts. Surtex is running at the same time, in the same location but specializes in original art & design (like illustrators!). These artists connect with manufacturers and retailers for commissioned work. With about 1000 (!) artists it sounds like paradise! Can you imagine walking around there and every corner you turn there's even more amazing inspiration!

These shows are aimed at retailers and not really meant for customers... but still... did I mention I would love to go there? Oh, and by the way... NSS has got lots and lots of letterpress going on. Another favourite of mine!

All images taken from Print & Pattern blog

16 May 2013

Etsy Thursday - Mouton Cerise

On Etsy I have got so many favourite items... I like to highlight some and share with you. I thought it would be a good idea to start up a new series for it. So from now on: Etsy thursday!

Night light by Mouton Cerise

12 May 2013

08 May 2013

Oh Marie's Fellowship of the travelling vintage items

I had fun, so much fun, having these little birdies at home... They came to me as the Fellowship of the travelling vintage items. Sent into the world by Oh Marie magazine during their launch in 2012. It's been quite a ride trying to get them here... and during my efforts I ended up with two items! Read all about it right here.

Mouseblossom sent me the little cross stitched blue tit. And he came to love my little boy's toy cars... an odd combination, I know, but I can't help it that they found eachother!

 This Asian birdie, which is actually a coaster and came from My Attic, quickly found some other asian birdie friends...

The fellowship has a few simple rules set up by Oh Marie: make pictures of the item in your home, post about them on social media and send them on to someone else who will do the same. So here are my pictures of the little birdies and yes, it is time to send them further on their journey. Who would like to be next? Just leave a comment with your choice of bird and who knows, they might be on their way to your home soon!

06 May 2013

Etsy treasury: Summer stripes & Blue skies

Etsy has many cool features and one of them are treasuries. Anyone signed up for Etsy (not just sellers) can make one. Basically it's a collection of 16 Etsy items of your choice. People can like and comment on them and from within the treasury on Etsy all items are clickable.

I don't make that many treasuries because I find them quite time-consuming but it's lots of fun! Browsing Etsy for the best collection within your chosen theme... you can really get lost!

Anyway, I was in a real summery mood today, with the sun out and a clear blue sky that I just decided to get lost a little bit and make a treasury: Summer stripes & Blue skies

03 May 2013

Just a sunny day...

Today was such a lovely, sunny day! You know, one of them days that we've been longing for for so long. I had planned to do loads but ended up spending a bit more time in the garden than I intended to. Seize the day I suppose! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and today that meant enjoying some sunshine. Anyway, on my to-do-list were those cute little birdies from the Fellowship of the Travelling vintage items. Unfortunately this list got lost in the garden. I will get round to making some pictures and find a new place for them soon. Probably some time next week.

Until then... Have a lovely weekend!