08 May 2013

Oh Marie's Fellowship of the travelling vintage items

I had fun, so much fun, having these little birdies at home... They came to me as the Fellowship of the travelling vintage items. Sent into the world by Oh Marie magazine during their launch in 2012. It's been quite a ride trying to get them here... and during my efforts I ended up with two items! Read all about it right here.

Mouseblossom sent me the little cross stitched blue tit. And he came to love my little boy's toy cars... an odd combination, I know, but I can't help it that they found eachother!

 This Asian birdie, which is actually a coaster and came from My Attic, quickly found some other asian birdie friends...

The fellowship has a few simple rules set up by Oh Marie: make pictures of the item in your home, post about them on social media and send them on to someone else who will do the same. So here are my pictures of the little birdies and yes, it is time to send them further on their journey. Who would like to be next? Just leave a comment with your choice of bird and who knows, they might be on their way to your home soon!


  1. Leuke foto's, vooral 'asian birdie met some asian friends' is super. Prachtige kleur blauw en die paardebloem erbij... geweldig!

    Een kleurrijke groet

  2. Ik vind ze allebei leuk! Maare... Als ik moet kiezen? -denkt lang na- de eerste! Hij is eenvoudig, maar toch heel sierlijk en schattig. Goede kleuren!

    Fijne dag :)

  3. Het geborduurde vogeltje gaat naar Dewi! De orientaalse is nog steeds op zoek naar een nieuw nestje...

    The embroidered bird will be flying off to Dewi. The oriental one is still searching for a new nest...

  4. En ook het orientaalse vogeltje heeft een nieuw nestje gevonden. Het reizend kringloopgezelschap reist door... Dag!

    And the oriental bird has found a new place too... The fellowship of the travelling vintage items are continuing their journey... Bye bye!