17 May 2013

National Stationery Show & Surtex - New York

 Over the past weeks I've been coming across announcements from lots of inspiring stationery brands and my favourite illustrators. And they have all been about the NSS, the National Stationery Show and Surtex in New York City from the 19th to 21st of May. Oh, wouldn't I love to go and visit!

The NSS is a huge show with 800 (!) exhibitors showing  their cards, paperware, customized goods, giftwraps, calendars and all sorts. Surtex is running at the same time, in the same location but specializes in original art & design (like illustrators!). These artists connect with manufacturers and retailers for commissioned work. With about 1000 (!) artists it sounds like paradise! Can you imagine walking around there and every corner you turn there's even more amazing inspiration!

These shows are aimed at retailers and not really meant for customers... but still... did I mention I would love to go there? Oh, and by the way... NSS has got lots and lots of letterpress going on. Another favourite of mine!

All images taken from Print & Pattern blog

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