26 April 2014

Heedopter on tour!

Don't you love spring time? We do! Nothing beats the first warm rays of sun, the first flowers blossoming and rising temperatures. Spring time also means that the market season officially opens. Yay!

A few weeks ago we've already done our first market. And here's where we will be in the next month and a half. Come and say hello if you're in the area!

24 April 2014

Mother's Day surprise! A stop motion movie

Finally we proudly present the secret project we've been working: a really cool stop motion movie featuring our lovely Mother's Day giftboxes!

It turned out to be a colourful, happy and blossoming movie featuring our amazing Mother's Day foldout poster. Fold it out, be overwhelmed and see the seeds grow and blossom.

This gorgeous poster in a pretty gift box with flowerseeds is for sale right here in our Dawanda shop.

My amazingly talented boyfriend made the music all by himself and finetuned it to the video.We had great fun making this video (first stop motion ever!) and hope you enjoy it. Share it everywhere if you like. We're more than proud to show it!

You can find this movie on You Tube here.

And they're finally available in English too!

21 April 2014

Secret project

Mother's day is coming up rapidly and we've got some very special giftboxes for sale! Just to do something extra special we're working on a special secret project... It's almost finished and it will be amazing! Only a few more days to wait... all will be revealed this week.

Pssttt: don't tell anyone but just as a little teaser... it's got music! Oh oh, what will it be!?!

10 April 2014

Oh lala... Sunday market

Yes, we did it! Sunday Market in Amsterdam on the 6th of april was our very first real market. It's been and gone and it was a buzz! I admit, I was a bit nervous, you know, healthy butterflies but I was also very excited. Selling offline is so completely different to selling online but so much fun! Meeting your customers in real and overhearing them talking about your products is invaluable.

Not being used to setting up and decorating a stall with our products it was a little bit of a challenge to fill up a 4 meter wide stall. Some mixing and matching, moving around, piling up, taking down and in the end we were quite happy with how it all looked. Next time we will make some changes (like weighing down the boxes since they kept on blowing over) but hey, one step at a time.

Our most popular product turned out to be our Mother's day boxes. And I'm really excited about that! So great to see everyone's reaction when they were unfolding them, it really does have a wow-factor! Don't worry, you can buy them online right here in our Dawanda shop. Psstt, prefer an english version? We got them too, just contact us.

We were running our stall as a Dawanda ambassador meaning we were promoting them with banners, leaflets and merchandise.

We will be there next time too: 4th of May. Come and say hello!