24 April 2014

Mother's Day surprise! A stop motion movie

Finally we proudly present the secret project we've been working: a really cool stop motion movie featuring our lovely Mother's Day giftboxes!

It turned out to be a colourful, happy and blossoming movie featuring our amazing Mother's Day foldout poster. Fold it out, be overwhelmed and see the seeds grow and blossom.

This gorgeous poster in a pretty gift box with flowerseeds is for sale right here in our Dawanda shop.

My amazingly talented boyfriend made the music all by himself and finetuned it to the video.We had great fun making this video (first stop motion ever!) and hope you enjoy it. Share it everywhere if you like. We're more than proud to show it!

You can find this movie on You Tube here.

And they're finally available in English too!

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