30 September 2013

Paper sculptures by Sarah Bridgland

While browsing on Pinterest (isn't it addictive!?!) I came across some amazing paper art work. It's UK based designer Sarah Bridgland who made these beauties.  With a mix of paper sculptures and collage work it becomes real unique stuff. She uses second-hand paper and ephemera to create her pieces.

I was amazed when I saw her work for the first time. I love the graphics that she uses and there's so much to see in them. I just keep on looking and looking and looking.

While researching a bit more I found out that her work was also featured in the latest Uppercase Magazine (nr 18, july 2013) on the cover even!

23 September 2013

Heedopter goes wholesale!

Whoohoo, I'm so proud to finally announce that Heedopter products are available for wholesale! I've been working really hard on launching the wholesale webshop. And finally... this morning... we're online! Definitely an apple pie moment!

So, do you run a (web)shop and would you like to sell our products in your shop? Go and head over to www.heedopterwholesale.com. Register on the site and browse through our products and simply buy as you would in any other webshop.

We do have a great offer to celebrate our opening! You can read all about it in the webshop.

Just one little downside... it's only available in Dutch. I will be working on an English version soon. If you don't get it at all, just contact me, orders via e-mail are still possible.

I'm sure there will be a few little bugs here and there... please bear with me... I'm working on them. Or even better: let me know!

14 September 2013

Webshop tip: Mevrouwtje de Wilde

I would love to show you this great Dutch webshop: Mevrouwtje de Wilde. The very first webshop where you can buy Heedopter products. Yay!

Mevrouwtje de Wilde is a colourful webshop featuring toys for cool boys and happening girls and lots of feelgoodies for yourself. Affordable and fun products with brands like Kitsch Kitchen, Miss Honeybird, Pakhuis Oost and... Heedopter! Stamps, cards, toys, DIY packs... go and have a look yourself!

11 September 2013

In the meantime...

It's been a little quiet here, hasn't it? You know why? I've been working really hard on setting up a wholesale webshop! Hooray!

For a while now I've been thinking about it, streamlining my business, finding my path and now I feel the time is right to expand! Yay! And wholesale is the way to go. How great would it be to come accross Heedopter products in other (web)shops? Exciting!

Well, the webshop is not quite ready yet. I'm struggling with a few things (it's got to be close to being perfect, according to miss perfectionist little me. Yes, that's quite annoying sometimes) but I hope to have it up and running within 2 weeks.

In the meantime I have been quietly taking wholesale orders via e-mail and guess what? The first webshop featuring Heedopter products is a fact! I'm happy to announce that you can buy Heedopter goodies now at Mevrouwtje de Wilde! More about this lovely shop later.

So my main focus has been on behind-the-scene stuff. Which means, with my limited amount of available hours (office job and all...), it has to give somewhere... and that has been here on my blog and even on Facebook and Twitter. Don't worry, once this shop is up and running I will be back in full swing!