22 April 2013

Fellowship of the travelling vintage items... continued

Things can move in strange ways. Last week I told you about the Fellowship of the travelling vintage items from Oh Marie Magazine and how the pawns that were on their way to me got lost somewhere in limbo. Instead I received a lovely cross stitched bird from Mouseblossom. At the same time I sent Marij from My Attic an email since she was looking for a new home for her vintage item. And guess what... that flew into my postbox too. So now there's two! One moment you've got none... and the next you've got two! It just makes me laugh.

They're comfortably perched on my windowsill at the moment. And I will enjoy them for a little while. After all it took a while to become a member of the Fellowship. When they are ready to fly out again I'll make some nice pictures and find new homes for them... to be continued....

1 comment:

  1. Je houdt ons wel in spanning....leuk 2 'members of the Fellowship'.
    Succes, ben erg nieuwsgierig naar de foto's!!

    Kleurrijke groet,