21 November 2013


A few weeks ago I spent a weekend doing what I've been wanting to do for a long while... I learned how to screenprint! And oh, it was so much fun...

Day one was all about screenprinting with paper shapes... no exposure onto the screens yet but just cutting shapes out of paper and with several layers making very interesting screenprints. I thought it would be childish and boring doing it this way but I really was pleasantly surprised. And... it's so easy to do. You don't need any exposure equipment so as long as you have got a screen you can do it at home. The prints below were done in 2 layers using paper shapes making use of some paint splashing.

On day 2 we were exposing screens. I brought an illustration that I've done some time ago and handdrew letters to go with it. I'll save you the technical story about exposing screens but the end result is amazing. The print below is done in 2 layers (each colour is 1 layer).

So once I learned how to screenprint I went back for a sunday afternoon to do a little project. My mum gave me a stack of old patternsheets and I transformed them into gorgeous screenprinted wrapping paper.

And here's how it translates into a finished product. For sale right here (be quick if you would like a set, there's only a few left!)

It was so much fun and will definitely continue to do more! I'll keep you posted...

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