04 March 2013

You decide Challenge... the end result!

After slightly more than 2 weeks, here it is. The end result of the You Decide Challenge: an old fashioned pocketwatch 'new style'.

I like to say it's a pocketwatch Heedopter style! And surely it doesn't fit in your pocket!

I had so much fun taking on this challenge and creating something 'out-of-the-box'. Stepping away from my paper cards and prints and forcing myself into something different. As soon as I saw this idea popping up in the comments, I was visualizing a cushion. And I knew I just had to make one. So I started looking for fabrics and ways to transfer my image over onto fabric (it still had to have some sort of an illustration, after all, that's what I do!). Screenprinting is big on my wishlist but is out of my reach for now so I found some good quality transfer paper. And voila! Putting all the elements together and you've got an oversized, Heedopter style, cuddly pocketwatch that is made to look good on your sofa!

So Kidzkaffee, dear winner, it's coming your way and I really hope you'll like it! I had lots of fun making it!

And while we're at it... dear readers: would you like to see cushions like this in my Etsy shop?

And for all of you who haven't got a clue what a 'You decide challenge' is... read up about it right here.

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