04 June 2013

Lowlands festival... am I insane?

Did I already mention that I am one of the lucky 30 that will have a market booth on Lowlands Festival? No? Well, you know what... I'm going to Lowlands! Woohoo!

Picture by Grolsch

Etsy is organizing, for the second year in a row, an Etsy Bazar on Lowlands Festival (16-19 aug.). I've applied to be part of it a long while ago but since Etsy is handling a strict selection process, I've been waiting for good (or bad...) news ever since. And finally it came through... me (and a good friend of mine) are going to Lowlands!

It's going to be hard, long hours (roughly 15 hours a day, for 3 days in a row... ouch!). Not for the weakhearted! And to be honest, I've never done a market in my life so starting with something big like this is, well, madness!?! Even a few of my fellow Etsians who do do regular markets, think I'm insane. Am I? Well, I know what Lowlands is like... been there, done that a few times. I just hope that in between selling all my goodies there will be a bit of time to go and see some bands. It will be great!

Talking about goodies, what's in my shop at the moment is not nearly enough to fill a stall, let alone to appeal to a festival audience. So time to do lots of new things, venturing out into pastures new... Yes, it will all be paper goodies but it will be varied and some items only exclusively for Lowlands. I'm so excited but I'm already so overwhelmed... did I take on too much?

With my regular day job of 32 hours a week, a family and a household to run there's not that much spare time left to spend on Heedopter. And there's a lot of work that needs doing before I'm ready for Lowlands. So I've taken last week off to completely and utterly focus on the work ahead. And a lot of things are taking shape quite nicely. I've already showed you a little sneak peek and there will be lots more to show in the time to come...

But for now, just wish me luck in keeping my sanity! :-)

Picture by EtsyNL

Picture by EtsyNL


  1. Leuk voor je, een enorme uitdaging!
    Ik wens je heel veel succes met alles wat op je afkomt....KEEP IT COOl ;-)

    1. Het is ook erg leuk maar ik leg de lat voor mezelf waarschijnlijk iets te hoog... wil het graag perfect hebben ;-) Komt wel goed hoor!