17 June 2013

Shopping tip - Combitex

Last weekend for the first time since ages (probably years!) I've been to Combitex again. Now this name might not ring a bell but they have been featured in lots of Home magazines. So you probably have seen their furniture before.

I just love their shop. They mainly use old army furniture and accessoires and turn them into new up-cycled cabinets, tables, seats and beds. A paint job and some alternating does wonders!

It's also a very intriguing shop. It's full, it's cluttered and there are some really cool corners. They also have army surplus stuff as in clothes, shoes and camping equipment. Anyway, some of the furniture you can take home straight away, others are made to order (you can pick your own colours!).

 Yes, I did go for a reason to Combitex. I was in desperate need of an extra table in my studio. My budget wasn't stretching far and I knew I could find an army table here for 88 euros. So that's what I bought: table number 15 is mine!

Love to go and see for yourself? They're located in Noord-Scharwoude (near Heerhugowaard) and open 6 days a week (mon-sat). Check out their website at: www.com-anders.nl

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