18 July 2013

Summer holiday time

It's finally here! The big summer schoolholiday time! And that means that half the country is clocking out to enjoy some much deserved down time.

And us? We've already been. Just got back less than a week ago from 3 lovely and relaxing weeks in France and Spain. And oh, did we enjoy ourselves. I took the luxury to go (almost) completely offline. Put my Etsy shop in vacation mode and try to focus on myself and my family. It worked out great and I am 100% recharged and ready for the last busy weeks leading up to Lowlands festival. More about that another time (there's lots of new goodies coming!).

Have you got your holiday still ahead of you? Than I've got something that will definitely entertain you and everyone in your family for an afternoon or two. Just make sure you bring a few permanent markers or sharpie pens with you. Find yourself some nice stones (and leaves, feathers, driftwood and anything else that you come across) and decorate them with the pens (or paint if you feel more adventurous). And finding these items are half the fun!

So easy, anyone can do it! The possibilities are endless: graphic patterns, flowers, funny faces, abstract scribbling. Just have fun with it.

Here's part of our lot that we ended up giving to my mum as a souvenir (and a thank you for looking after the cats and watering the garden):

For some more inspiration:

Have a look a my pinterest board for even more ideas and links to the pictures above.

Have fun!


  1. Replies
    1. En het is zo leuk en simpel om te doen! Gewoon proberen :-)

  2. Oh wat leuk, ook als kado! (ik ben altijd blut, dus vrienden krijgen vaak iets wat ik zelf heb gemaakt , hahah)