13 August 2013

New item: Handmade notebooks

Finally, the last few tough days have come. Lowlands festival is only 2 days away and I think I'm going mad! Every single spare hour has gone into getting everything ready and perfect for 3 extremely long days on the Festival market on Lowlands.

But we're getting there! Almost all items are ready to rock and roll. I just encountered a bit of a disaster with the temporary tattoos. My normal supplier was sold out so had to buy elsewhere and it turned out the quality was really poor. So poor that I really couldn't sell them. I managed to order somewhere else but it hasn't arrived yet! And with only 2 days to go we're cutting it really fine. Fingers crossed it arrives today!

We've got loads of new products we will be selling. And this week every single day a new item will be launched in the Etsy shop. Yay! I'm so keen to find out what you think of them. Yesterday the completely handmade notebooks have gone online... just in cause you missed them you can find them right here. I'm so excited I can show them to the rest of the world. I've been working on them for months now, figuring out how to best make them. Tackling issues like: how do I punch holes in the middle of a sheet? They are entirely handmade. From assembling the pages, to punching the holes (yes, with a good old hammer), folding them, sowing them, trimming them and rounding the corners off. And I'm really happy with the end result!

Every single day of this week there's a new item launched. So stay put for today's! I will post them later on.


  1. Je handgemaakte notebooks zijn super leuk!
    Ik zal duimen voor de tattoo's en heel veel succes op lowlands!!

    1. Ja! De tattoos zijn goed gekomen. Klaar om mee te gaan naar Lowlands!

  2. For anyone who wondered: the tattoos are all ready to roll on Lowlands! Yay!