16 December 2013

Christmas spirit - 9 year old bakes and sells cookies for charity

December is all about Christmas spirit and to be kind to each other. Kasper, a dutch 9 year old boy really, really would like to give poor children books for Christmas this year!

 Kasper decided to bake christmas cookies and to sell them in his mum's Etsy shop. The cookies look amazing (and soon I will be able to try them... I just ordered a bunch) and how special is this boy that he works so hard to raise money to buy these books.

So everyone: just buy a bunch of cookies and help this special boy to deliver christmas presents to needy children! That's the real christmas spirit! Buy them right here

You can also donate through their crowdfunding site and read about Kasper's motivation (sorry, only in Dutch): http://www.voorjebuurt.nl/project/kaspers-kerstboek

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