07 December 2013

Creasint 2013

When Imke announced she would be organizing Creasint for the second time I signed up straight away. It was such a huge succes last year that I had to be a part of it this year!

So, you're probably wondering ''What is Creasint?". Hmmm, here in the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December. Originally he was a bishop that shared  half of his possessions with poor people. Nowadays he spreads gifts around for (mainly) children. He comes on a steamboat from Spain, rides over the rooftops on his white horse and has helpers called 'Zwarte Piet' who deliver the presents through the chimney, letterbox or catflap.

Creasint is a spinoff from Sinterklaas and secret santa and is all about making something beautiful (with love and attention) for someone you don't know and send it through mail. Read all about it here

Weeks before, all of us heard who we were making a present for. Difficult yet so much fun to come up with something that person would really like. Everyone had to tell a bit about themselves to make it a bit easier.

So I made something for Lisa. She liked lots of stuff but the things that got stuck in my mind were a love of fifties adverts, non-bright colours, cooking, writing and vintage. I didn't have a clear idea when I started but it just formed along the way. And it turned out like this:

This is one of Lisa's pictures below. The presents were a handmade notebook and a porcelain brooch.

I received a present that was so completely me, it was spot on! Yvette made it for me and the hand-embroidered booklet with the little bird on is amazing. Other than that there was a string of bunting, origami birds from Birdtoldme and gorgeous chocolate all wrapped beautifully!

Lisa, thank you for your inspiring story and wishes
Yvette, for the wonderful creasint you made for me. It really is gorgeous!
and Imke for organizing it all. You've done brilliantly!


  1. Wat een mooie cadeaus! Je hebt je cadeau ook zo prachtig ingepakt!

    En zelf ben je ook superverwend met die vogeltjes. Heel mooi.

    1. Het was echt heel erg leuk om mee te doen en dank voor de complimenten

  2. Ik heb op Twitter en Instagram verschillende dingen voorbij zien komen, allemaal even mooi en met heel veel zorg gemaakt en ingepakt!! Je kadootjes voor lisa zijn super leuk en je ontvangen vogeltjes prachtig. Misschien zal ik volgend jaar ook maar eens mee doen.....

    1. Ik zou zeker meedoen volgend jaar. Vind ik ook echt iets voor jou!