22 January 2013

Things I like: Helen Dardik

Since there's so much wonderful, amazing and inspiring work out there, I would love to show you some of the bits that I really like...

Helen Dardik lives and works in Canada. She makes the most gorgeous, colourful illustrations. I really admire her attention to detail and use of colour. The shapes that she uses are quite simple but with her eye to detail they become whimsical. And I love that! I can look for ages at one of her illustrations and I keep on spotting new things. I wonder how long it would take her to finish one... would love to know!

Helen's got an impressive client list and it's quite likely you come across her work in unexpected places. The other day I bought a rice lamp shade from BlueQ with her creatures on, in a tiny little shop in one of the local towns here! Just a few of the other brands she works for: Philips, Mudpuppy, Hallmark and Nickelodeon.

 Helen Dardik

Website: http://www.oneluckyhelen.com
Etsy shop: http://helendardik.etsy.com
Blog:  http://orangeyoulucky.blogspot.nl/

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