29 January 2013

Things I like: Rifle Paper & Co

Since there's so much wonderful, amazing and inspiring work out there, I would love to show you some of the bits that I really like...

Today I'd like to show you Rifle Paper & Co.

Rifle Paper & Co has got a distinctive style: bit of vintage, bit of nostalgia but still timeless. But what really makes their designs stand out from the rest is their handlettering. Gorgeous, elegant handwriting in combination with hand painted illustrations.

Although they have got a (web)shop full of lovely products ranging from greeting cards, prints, personalized note cards and stationary, their real speciality are custom wedding invitations.

Illustrator and designer Anna Bond started Rifle Paper & Co back in 2006 and opened up her stone shop in 2008 in Florida. Their work has been featured in big name wedding magazines and you see their other work popping up here there and everywhere (like on my blog :-)

Although I never thought myself to like this kind of style, I simply love their work for its character. It's romantic and nostalgic and I've fallen in love with their handlettering. Not in a million years I would be able to do this myself but you can't blame me for admiring :-)

Rifle Paper & Co: www.riflepaperco.com

All images copyright of Rifle Paper & Co

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