08 December 2012

Friendly sneak attack!

Wow, what's going on? Views of my Etsy shop were going through the roof, lots of favourites on my items and on top of that the orders were flying in! And all of that in just one weekend!

Guess what, I got sneak attacked! This great team of Etsy sellers called the Handmade Movement picked out my shop to sneak attack. Basically it means that they're boosting new and undiscovered Etsy shops with views, favourites, treasuries and sales. What a great way to support new shops!

It's daunting... putting your work out there that you worked really hard at... only to find out that it takes time for people to find you and buy your work. You hope that once your shop is online, the orders are flying in. Well, that dream goes quickly out the window. I'm not sure why but it is quite common that it could take months before your first sale. I was lucky to make my first sale in the first week of opening but still would've loved to sell more...

And this is where the Handmade Movement came to the rescue! Just by picking the Heedopter shop for their friendly sneak attack, they boosted traffic on my shop, sales and my mood!

So, dear people from the Handmade Movement team: a big, big, big THANK YOU! It's been such a buzz!

You can find out more about them right here: http://www.handmademovement.blogspot.nl/

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