16 December 2012

Have some fun! Homemade christmas crackers

Working really hard to open up my Etsy shop I've kind of neglected my loved ones a little bit. They have been so supportive of me and they gave me every opportunity to work on my designs that, now Heedopter is officially online, it's time to give back.

And guess what!?! It's Christmas time and this should be about spending time with your loved ones. This year for some reason we have managed to have the presents all ready and wrapped up a week and a half before Christmas. Don't ask me how we've done it because normally I'm really running late on these things and am suffering of proper holiday stress. But no, it's all relaxed this year. Which means there'splenty of time to decorate and actually make some homemade Christmas crackers!

We're living in The Netherlands and Christmas crackers aren't part of the holiday tradition. Yes, I do see them popping up here and there  but they're still hard to come by. My boyfriend is from the UK and crackers are a huge part of Christmas dinner. No dinner is complete without these! For all of you who don't know what Christmas crackers are: it's basically a paper toffee shape and it has a little present inside, a paper crown and a naff joke. You're suppose to pull them, each holding one end, and when you do, it bangs! The one holding the long end gets to keep what's inside. Lovely tradition! Everyone sitting around the table having Christmas dinner with a paper crown on their head! (Can you picture it?)

Anyway, this year we decided to make some crackers of our own since we will be having Christmas dinner over at my mum's. We made them once before and are still far from professional but it's so much fun to do! We bought everyone a little present and made some crowns... we didn't bother with the naff jokes.

Big round of applause for my boyfriend! He did most of the work, I just handed him bits of tape and tied ribbons around.

All you need is some tissue paper, toilet rolls, ribbon and washi or cello tape and to top it off: some bangers (we bought ours last year in the UK). I used my own gift tags which I posted earlier on for you to download for free. Missed them? Try again here.

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